Muslims for Evidence Based HealthCare


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Identifying the risks and harms are part of good science, health research. We hear more often of the benefits of research based outcomes, though the risks and harms are very important to know before one starts a treatment or medicine.  Research that is done that is not 

minority population inclusive is not reflective of who we are as a state nor who the health systems actually serve.

We want to Participate in Best Evidence based Health Care Transformation

Diverse participation and true inclusion is an imperative towards improving evidence based health care systems, health research, advisory capacity building, guideline development​

industry best practices

expert analysis

risk mangement

We as individuals know ourselves best. We are all patients. We can all learn to be better informed patient partners in our care. We will bring our unique individual perspectives from our backgrounds as we all do in some way or shape.  Bias is evident in many corners throughout the health systems, health research, we will work to dispel stereotypes, and bring specific concerns along with education to the table. 

Patient preferences, value based goal setting through informed shared decision making tools are considered some of todays best practices.  We all care about our health, we all do not make the best health choices everyday. We have family celebrations, cultural norms that do not always reflect the best choices at times. Industry tells us "healthy choices, healthy lives" This is not always true. Stress such as racism plays a huge part in our health as does the social determinants of health, (lack of affordable  housing, nutrtious food, money, child/elder care, education, career, etc.)


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