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"It was very interesting to see how courageous I became, to speak up at my personal health care visits after having been involved in health research. I learned to search my health concern on-line, research real evidence, ask informed questions "

          -- T

"I was surprised at the low numbers of health research that includes  minorities in their research. I then found out recruitment is a challenge. I asked myself why, and did not have to read much further than Henrietta Lacks or the Tuskegee experiments. I now know we need to include all people in research, our voices are important and sought out in order to have the services and treatments we need and deserve in our community."

          -- J 

We as a diverse Muslim community who believe in evidence based health care hope to be able to work with you when you are seeking patient partners, family caregivers for your health care, systems improvement plans. If you would like to incorporate diverse voices into your consultations, advisory panels, boards or guideline development MEBHC will work to assist you in those efforts.

Muslims for Evidence Based Healthcare was formed to address the social determinants of health, economic disparities that exist today. From health research, to the patient partner voice embedded into the shared decision making delivery system, to the executive tables,  diversity is neccessary.

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