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Equitable Health Care in the System

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The Case for Diversity in the Health Care Workforce

Anything "bugging you" about your health care? Being involved at all levels helps make positive change for yourself and others!

What are your nutrition and exercise options in your neighborhood?

"Have you ever felt like you have not had equitable or fair medical treatment because of your ethnicity, color of your skin or because of your faith?" 

Without diverse populations involved at all levels of health systems. from planning a research project to delivery point of care, if person centered appropriate care is not being implemented it is possibly because of limited diverse patient involvement. Your voices, opinions, stories are necessary to make health data become relevant to all.  Data without Patient Stories is just Data, Patient Stories without Data may go unheard where they should be.

"I wish my Dr. or someone in my primary care clinic and offices I visit spoke my language or looked like me."

We at MEBHC hear this over and over, please encourage your family and friends to think about going into the medical field, Public Health - Physician Specialists you are needed!

Trusted Patient-Physician communication on value based care, personal preferences and goal setting could stop the possible "snowball effect" of unwanted, low value care.

Have you ever asked yourself or commented to a family member or friend, "Why or why not did my Dr. prescribe me this medication?" 

Visit ChoosingWisely.org  HERE, browse around and become more familiar with procedures or treatments by educating yourself, friends and family. You may change your mind about some treatments. "Overuse" and or "Underuse" in health care, does not benefit the patient, family member and or health care provider.


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